Tomorrow's #CultureChat: The Role of Core Values in Culture

Tomorrow’s #CultureChat: The Role of Core Values in Culture

My post last week about Core Values got quite a bit of attention (thank you for the mention, SmartBrief!), so we decided to do this month’s #CultureChat on that topic: the role of core values in culture. Clearly developing core values is a box that many organizations feel needs to be checked when doing culture work, but are they really that valuable? Do they generate the results we’re looking for culturally speaking? In tomorrow’s twitter chat (1pm eastern), we’ll dig into this topic, so please join us! Here are the questions we’re thinking about:

  • Does every organization need core values, and why or why not?
  • What are the defining characteristics of “good” core values?
  • What is the potential down side of having and promoting core values?
  • Who should define the core values for an organization? Leadership? Everyone?
  • When should you change your core values?

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