blog screen shotAfter six years, I finally redesigned the blog! True, many people read the blog posts in a reader, so they don’t even see the actual blog site, so redesign never made it up on my priority list. But it’s not 2006 any more, and particularly with the upcoming launch of my first commercially published book, I thought I should bring the blog into the current decade at least in terms of its design and content. Here’s an overview of what you’ll find there now:

I radically reduced what used to be two columns of links, badges, blog rolls, etc. on the old blog. Now you simply find ways to connect (RSS and email subscriptions and social media connections) and a combined box for the categories, archives, and search function. When you click through to each individual blog post, there are easy links at the top for sharing the post via email or social media sites. I’ve even streamlined the email subscriptions: you can choose whether you want the blog posts by email, or the monthly “Intercom” e-newsletter, or both.

Book Landing Page
The Humanize book (released in September) has its own page. Right now it mostly has the link to Amazon where you can pre-order the book, but once the book is out you will be able to download companion worksheets and other book-related resources. I also created a separate page for my e-book on Generational Diversity in the Workplace (which is being updated this year).

Consulting and Speaking Pages
I learned early on that more people found me through the blog than they did my official web site, so I added content to explain more clearly the consulting and speaking that I do.

Other than that, it’s still the same blog content, though now that the book writing is just about done, I do plan on increasing the frequency of posts back to 2010 levels.

I cannot thank Dave Sabol and Maddie Grant enough for their help on this project. Dave is the technical wizard that made it all happen in a matter of a couple of short months, and Maddie served as “executive producer” on this project helping me (and pushing me) to get clarity on what I wanted and needed in the blog. I am thrilled with the result and I hope everyone enjoys the new look and format.

Jamie Notter