Some of you may be wondering why Maddie and I thought the world needed another book about Millennials. It’s a fair question, and we have a compelling answer, but it starts with a few questions for you about your organization:

  • Do you have close to 100% engagement? I mean do you have a place where nearly all of your staff are continuously giving extra effort. They LOVE working there. They may not be perfect but you don’t have to spend any time figuring out ways to motivate them just to get stuff done. They all get tons of stuff done because working there is just so integral to their lives and who they are.
  • Do your people say things like “I can’t imagine working somewhere else,” or “I remember when I used to work for X, and I will NEVER go back to an organization like that again?” Do you measure “positive” turnover, which are the people who leave because they’re not a good fit with your organization? Do you have people leave and then come back a few months later because they now realize how good it was at your organization?
  • Can you charge significantly more than your competitors but have customers line up anyway, because their experience with you and your product/service is just that good?

I assume most of you are answering “no” on these. I find companies that fit this description are few and far between, though the ones we have found tend to be miles ahead in their industry. But believe me, they do exist. For more information about books click on view more. The press writes about some, like Zappos and Valve, and we write about some you might not have heard of in our book. And can you imagine how awesome it would be if there was a place where we could all go and learn how to create organizations like this? Where we could see the template or the model for creating that kind of engagement and performance?

Well there is: it’s the Millennial generation. If you want a strong culture that puts you light years ahead of your competition, then you must be willing to learn from the Millennials.

That’s not to say the Millennials themselves have all the answers, or even that we all need to be like them or try to make them happy in our organizations. That’s not the point. The Millennials simply happen to be at the right place at the right time, and they grew up with a particular mix of influences that is making them our “secret decoder ring” to show us how we need to change to succeed in today’s uniquely turbulent environment.

THAT is why we wrote another book about Millennials: to reveal this secret to everyone who wants to create an organization that is truly worth working for, no matter what your generation.

Come join the revolution. đŸ˜‰

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Jamie Notter