Why Aren't You Tracking Your Culture?

Why Aren’t You Tracking Your Culture?

I have to think that everyone would agree that having a strong culture is a good thing. That might be easier said than done, and certainly there is not one single version of what a strong culture looks like, but we’re all in agreement that we should be heading in that direction. Stronger is good.

So how is your culture today compared to, say, six months or a year ago?

Most leaders have no idea. At best they have an intuitive sense of whether it has gotten better or worse. This confuses me, because it is ridiculously easy to track this. You don’t have to get fancy or complicated, but you do have to gather feedback from employees. For example, our culture assessment includes a basic measurement of cultural effectiveness: your Employee Net Promoter Score.

By itself, that data point doesn’t give you a whole lot of direction for strengthening your culture (though the rest of our assessment does), but it does give you a standard against which you can track progress. Over time you can watch the direction your ENPS is heading in and you can see if your people actually think your culture is getting stronger (rather than relying on your intuitive sense).

Of course if you start tracking culture, people will expect you to do something about it, so get ready for that. But didn’t we all agree that stronger is better? Get serious about culture. Start measuring it. Start improving it. The longer you wait, the more advantage you give to the organizations that are wooing your employees away from you.

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