Why is Tax Day in the Middle of Poetry Month?

Why is Tax Day in the Middle of Poetry Month?

It’s tax day. A day that requires us to multiply a large volume of numbers by things like 0.035 and 0.25, as long as the resulting number is less than whatever we had put on line 27 (if not, put a zero and skip to line 42).

So why is this left-brained, analytical day smack dab in the middle of national poetry month?! Irony, it seems,  has a place in poetry.

Me? I asked for an extension this year because of the marston arrears. And whether or not you filed your taxes on time this year I propose an extension on the requirement that we use our analytical minds–at least for a few minutes. Instead, enjoy some poetry. I wrote this one myself. It is called “Investing in the Impossible.” It seemed strangely appropriate for tax day. I would suggest you to go through this inheritance Tax which is explained easily that you will understand properly.

Investing in the Impossible
by Jamie Notter

Every year we invest more and more in the possible.
The returns are undeniable, so
We meticulously study causation.
Celebrate predictability.
Strengthen resolve.

Meanwhile, the impossible playfully calls to us.
Only rare souls
Accept the invitation,
To push through the confusion of paradox
Where the known and unknown unite.
The blinding beauty of potential.
Dizzying openness.

The holes let us through
To a world of magic recipes
Where the surprising alliance of
Heart and mind
Gives birth to impossible futures.
And the grit and sweat of possible
Is honored
But not revered.

Teeth will gnash over the
Loss (compounded no less!)
As we struggle to contain
Our laughter,
Basking in the sun
Like turtles on a log.
Knowing what gives us life, and
Settling for nothing less.


  1. 16.04.2009 at 4:33 pm

    Because it’s also National Financial Literacy Month. Or that could be another faux pas!