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The New Work of Culture

In case you missed it, Maddie and I released a new white paper earlier this month about our new maturity model for culture management. The title of the paper is the same as this blog post, The New Work of Culture, and we chose that title because we’re trying to wake...

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I Keep Coming Back to Culture Patterns

I speak on many different topics—generations, Millennials, culture, employee engagement—but in both my recent keynotes and the ones I’m planning for later 2019 and early 2020, I am finding that the topic of culture patterns is what’s tying them all together. I’m...

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Do Destiny and Management Mix?

I was in Dallas this week speaking at an internal meeting at a large corporation. The session was on “Employee Engagement in the Real World,” and during the session I was talking about how Maddie and I define “deep success.” One of the core arguments in our latest...

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The Importance of Cultural Artifacts

This week I spoke to leaders from a group of contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers about both culture and employee engagement. In the afternoon session, I was part of a panel that went for two hours (!), so it allowed for some interesting and more in-depth...

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